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Business intelligence, document management, security

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Always up-to-date information


Reports on turnover and sold products are available within the section dedicated to statistics. Essential for Business Intelligence activities, Order Sender's statistics may be related to a single sales agent or all agents, as well as may relate to the individual customer or supplier. Using monthly or annual time scales, you can make a comparison with the data of the previous year.

Document management

The digital documents such as catalogs, flyers or product data sheets can be consulted by field sales force through the section dedicated to document management. This management is done centrally, meaning that the management of information (which will be consulted by the agents on their tablets) is performed from a single point.

Push notifications

Push notifications are very effective communication tools, characterized by autonomous management of submissions. They allow the sales reps to be updated in real time on information related to new promotions, special communications from the company or on Order Sender upgrades.

Safety and efficiency

Maximum security in the Server/App connection

The synchronization and data exchange procedure between web and mobile devices ensures maximum consistency and persistence of data, even in case of sudden interruption of the process. In addition, the communications are encrypted and use secure protocols to ensure the utmost confidentiality of the used data.

Optimized data synchronization

The import and synchronization procedure of Order Sender allows you to transfer more than 1,000,000 records in about 3 minutes, far superior performance in comparison to other systems that work in mobility.

Customized modules

Order Sender is a highly customizable platform through extensions and adaptations, developed to meet specific needs of the customers.
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Advanced statistics

Sales agents can keep under control the progress of their work and measure their productivity through a section dedicated to statistics and reports. Depending on the data made available by the ERP, you can create any type of statistics, such as statistics on turnover, general statistics and statistics related to each customer or product category. All data can be divided in any period of time and compared with the figures of the previous year for an immediate and easy comparison.


Corporate publications with elaborated graphical content (such as catalogs or brochures) can be now shared with company's sales network, thanks to the specially developed module, which will allow the agents to not only display products in great resolution, showing the catalog to the customer, but also to place orders directly from the digital catalog. In addition, publications can be enriched with multimedia content such as links, photos, videos, pdf, etc.

Agents monitoring

If there is a need for a company to monitor the movement of its agents, in this case it is possible to implement a module dedicated to GPS tracking, allowing the company to assess all trips made by their agents and their location at any time.N.B. This module is available only in countries where it does not represent a violation of the national legislation.

Intuitive, simple and modern


Create orders and quote with your tablet in a few simple steps. Manage discounts and prices, get the customer's signature and send all the material in pdf format to the supplier, the customer or whomever you think it's appropriate.

It works offline

The ability to take orders with no connectivity is an added value of Order Sender, making it an efficient solution that can be used anywhere. Since the data resides on tablet, the access to the content is immediate.

IOS, Android and Web

Order Sender is developed for Apple iOS and Google Android. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. There is also a web version that can be used from any modern browser.