Digital product catalog

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Digital product catalog

Beyond the presentation

If the traditional catalog is a must-have tool for presenting the products to the customer... the digital catalog goes further. Without the clutter of paperwork, the consultation of catalog is made more simple and im. The possibility of integrating the product data sheet with multimedia content gives the presentation a greater visual impact by involving the customer in a dynamic and interactive sales process. Accessible from a tablet, the digital catalog provides sales agents with up-to-date information, just one click away.

Cut costs, not trees!

It is clear that reducing printed material is equivalent to a decrease in costs for the company. However, it would be simplistic to measure the benefit of digital catalog only in economic terms. Adopting eco-friendly solutions not only helps to reduce the environmental impact, caused by activities linked to the implementation of the printed catalog, but it also promotes a "green" image of the company, that is paying attention to environmental issues, in a world where sustainability increasingly influences the customers choices.

Customized modules

Order Sender is a highly customizable platform through extensions and adaptations, developed to meet specific needs of the customers.
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Variants, sizes and colors management

The order form can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business field. Taking as an example the fashion, size and color management is of fundamental importance in this field, as it is often the choice of size-color to determine the cost of each product.

Advanced search

Several advanced filters can be applied to search for products in the catalog: brand, transportation code, manufacturer and discount type are only some parameters on which the navigation of the catalog can be configured, always ensuring the sales agent a quick access to the desired product.

Multimedia gallery

For each product you can associate multiple media files, including image galleries, videos, PDFs, as well as complete technical data sheets, for a more interactive and exciting navigation.

Intuitive, simple and modern


Create orders and quote with your tablet in a few simple steps. Manage discounts and prices, get the customer's signature and send all the material in pdf format to the supplier, the customer or whomever you think it's appropriate.

It works offline

The ability to take orders with no connectivity is an added value of Order Sender, making it an efficient solution that can be used anywhere. Since the data resides on tablet, the access to the content is immediate.

IOS, Android and Web

Order Sender is developed for Apple iOS and Google Android. It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. There is also a web version that can be used from any modern browser.